Game Description

Anyone living in the UK will probably be familiar with the TV program Countdown, and itís numbers round (as well as the slightly irritating people starring therein).For those who arenít, the idea goes thusly:

Six numbers are selected at random, mostly between 1 and 9, with a few 50ís and 100ís thrown in.A 3-digit total is chosen, and contestants must try to make the total using some or all of the numbers given.

This is also the idea of Calculation.It allows up to 6 players at once if you can fit that many round the keyboard, and will improve the lateral and mathematical thinking skills of them all.


A demo of Calculation can be downloaded below, which can be turned into the full game by entering a registration code which can be bought in two ways:

*Go to RegNet, where the game can be registered with a credit card for $3 (If you are worried about Credit Card Theft, look at Credit Card Advice)

*Send $3 or £2, in form of cash or cheque (payable to David Hudson), to:

†††††††††††††††††† Anastasei Software

Wright and Hudson

23 Abingdon Street




††††††††† Stating Order Code DHClc and giving either your email address, or an SAE.

The registration code will then be sent to you in an email or the provided SAE.


In the demo version of Calculation, some options are disabled and the same three rounds will be played every game.

Download Calculation Demo : 2.5 Mb

The file will need to be unzipped with a program such as Winzip before it can be installed.