Missile Pong (Free!)

Game Description

We all know what Pong is.  Two players with bats hit a ball at each other.  But this version includes missiles which, when they hit the ball, bounce it towards the other player.  The missiles can also be used to stun the other player’s bat.

The game also includes 13 great soundtracks and far more than enough scrolling text on the title screen!  It really is a lot more fun than it sounds.  Honestly.  We have no motive to lie as this is a free game that we made just because we can.


No.  It’s free, you see.


Missile Pong doesn’t have any installation program and is not zipped – just download it, double click it and enjoy.

Download Missile Pong : 1.3 Mb


Or you can simply download the zipped version.



DirectX 8 is required in order to play this program.  If you have a high-speed internet connection you can download it below, otherwise look for it on a recent magazine cover CD – cover CD’s often have the latest drivers, including DirectX, included.

Download DirectX 8 : 26 Mb