Gravity Fight

Game Description

An earlier version of this game was said by Amiga Power to be Ďthe greatest game of all time due to itís irresistably competitive nature.íThey never changed that view, and most people I know were inclined to agree with them.


The aim of Gravity Fight is simple.You must destroy your opponent (or opponents) before they destroy you.The fights take place on a variety of worlds and in a variety of arenas.If a certain mode is enabled, the game may have a different aim.Your ship also has a limited amount of shield, ammo, fuel, and special weapons.Shields are decreased by being hit by weapons, caught in their explosions or hitting scenery.These four things can be recharged by landing on a base (it doesn't matter whose).You move your ship around by simply turning in the direction you want to go, then thrusting.But remember - if you want to go straight to the left or right, you will have to point a bit upwards to fight gravity.You can fire bullets in the direction you are pointing, and also fire special weapons.Each player can choose their own special weapon in preferences before the game.


*One to four players

*114 levels (with new ones coming all the time) set over 8 different worlds

*24 special weapons

*Fully customisable

*A variety of ships to control

*Alternative modes such as Race and Crate Collecting

*Extra levels, worlds and ships being made available


†††††††††††††††††† Crate collecting mode


Gravity Fight can be downloaded below, and can be registered in two ways:


*Go to RegNet, where the game can be registered with a credit card for $10.

*Contact us at saying you would like to register Gravity Fight, and be sent a PayPal request.


Download Gravity Fight (v1.1 exe)

Download Gravity Fight (v1.12 zip)


This game requires DirectX 7 or later, which comes with most Windows games and also often on magazine cover CDís.

As for PC speed, we have had the game running reasonably on a Pentium 200, but I would recommend a 300 or better.Remember that the frame-rate can be changed in the speed options if your computer is having trouble coping.


Install an update by unzipping it into your Gravity Fight directory.

Update Version 1.0 to Version 1.1

Update Version 1.1 to Version 1.12

Extra Ships


All you need to do to be able to control these ships, is extract the files into the ships folder.


Download the Sovereign Class here

Download the Steamrunner Class here


Level Sets


We suggest that you read the readme files that come with the sets, to find out which levels go where.


Set 1contains 10 levels. 5 are desert, and 5 are grasslands. Mr. Jingles made all ten levels.

Set 2contains 5 levels. They are all Arctic, made by Mr. Jingles.