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Company Information

Our Reason for Existence

Anastasei Software is a company set up to provide you with unusual games and programs at low prices. We have been making fun games since 1993, and have decided that it is time we shared them with the public. The reason for this decision is that games appear to be going into a rather sad decline At time of writing, 18 out of the top 20 best-selling PC games feature little on the cover besides a large man with an even larger gun. They also cost far too much.

Key Beliefs

* No computer game should cost more than 10 (about $14 at time of writing)

* Excessive violence does not improve a game

* Graphics are less important than gameplay

* A game does not have to be 3D to be good


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Contact Information

E-mail address


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Current Projects

Our completed projects are listed at the side.

* Pic3D Pro


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Other Information

We have recently bought Blitz 3D, so our next full game will probably be a 3D one, which will be an interesting challenge.


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Last revised: 02/08/02